Owners and Investors

As an owner or investor of a lodging or travel property, one thing is certain, at the end of the day your accounting reporting must able to able to tell you if your investments are paying off. Whether you are an investor, owner of a branded business with one or more locations, or owner of a specialty type boutique hotel, our hotel accounting software can give you that answer quickly and accurately.


Most hotel investors tend to purchase properties and have a property management company run them. As a hotel investor you may not have all the details of staffing, covers, rates and other reporting matrixes, but you certainly understand the return on investment needed to justify the cost of purchase, renovation and brand franchise. Our accounting software system can provide your property management company with the tools needed to give you those answers when you need them.

Owner of Branded Hotels

If you are the owner/operator of a single branded hotel, or the owner of a group of branded hotels, you have lots to keep tabs on! You have specific styles, quality standards, and other various options that need to be maintained. You may be the General Manager of a single property and have direct control of daily operations. If you have two or three properties, you probably have managers in place to assist with operations at each location. Whatever the case, you need a dependable and efficient way to report results. There are many, many accounting software systems that give you the ability to pull out the data you want, and simply paste into an Excel spreadsheet so you can manually manipulate what you need to analyze. But, what if you could have Excel report directly from the accounting system? What if you could import the transactions and stats from your front office system that include accounting and statistical postings? What if you decide to add or drop certain properties from you portfolio? With all of your accounting reporting in one place, any accounting data needed to make a strong decision is now easily managed, quick, and accurate. No matter where you are headed as a hotel owner, we have the accounting tools to give you accurate data so you can make the right business decisions for your future.

Owners of Specialty Properties

These are truly a “unique” group of properties that cater to a very specific target market. For example, you may have a Resort in the North woods of Minnesota or maybe a Desert Spa in Arizona. You may specialize in fishing or possibly cater to motor home travelers. Whatever your situation, we can help you grow your business with our Accounting Software System. Keeping in touch with that first-time guest to create a returning guest is more important to you then to the branded hotel owner. You don’t have the power of “the brand”. Your marketing efforts have to be extremely focused, and your connection to the guest ongoing and personalized. By integrating a CRM solution with your accounting reporting software, we can help you grow and be profitable while maintaining a personal touch in all your marketing efforts. From reservation system support to CRM integration, we can deliver far more than just accounting results. We can help you find “unique” success.