Hotel Management Groups

As a hotel management group you have big responsibilities. You may work with many properties with different ownership groups. Each ownership group has specific operational questions and you need the right tools to answer those questions quickly and accurately. Your properties are likely located in several cities and have onsite accounting staff. You know that the more you centralize accounting the more you can lower costs and more quickly provide accurate information. Providing the best hotel management information to your owners is key to your success.

We can help. Using Sage ERP Accpac online as your hotel accounting software for back office accounting gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. For example, you can enter Accounts Payable at the property level, and then process the payments at the central office. You can upload transactions from your reservation/POS system at the property, and then tie everything off at the central office. In some smaller properties, it could reduce the role of accounting to a task the night auditor could even be responsible for.

Accounting Reporting

Accounting reporting is a big deal for hotels. You have to deliver reports to ownership that detail financials, occupancy, bar and restaurant data, meeting room revenue, and then create statistics for all of it. That alone can be hard enough. With everything else you have to do, accounting reporting tasks should not be stressful. How can we help? With our accounting software package, we work with you to create customer specific accounting reports. We can bring in financial and statistical information from your reservation/POS system and integrate Excel for GL reporting. Further, we can use Accpac Intelligence and Excel based BI tools to expand or redesign the accounting reporting options when needed.

Payment Processing

Payments related to multiple properties using multiple banks may not sound like a big job, but it can get very involved. Managing paper check stock, Positive Pay, payments with EFT — that’s a lot to keep straight! One way Accpac helps with this is centralized processing. For example, you can print unique bank information on plain check stock when needed. This way you can reduce check stock and manage any number of bank accounts all from one location.

Add and remove properties

Another aspect of hotel management accountingis the fact that properties come and go from an owner’s portfolio. Many hotel management companies keep each property in a separate database. This allows the creation of new clients and the easy removal of properties that are sold or no longer part of the management agreement. By using GL Consolidation and Intercompany Processing we can rollup properties in whatever way you need.

Let us show you how we have helped other hotel management companies, some with up to 50 properties, lower costs and stay organized in terms of their accounting software. We have a clear understanding of the special needs of your company, and the expertise and knowledge to make it happen without interruption to your business.